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Bad Traders...Watch Out

I lost the following to this guy - It All Seems So Silly In The Long Run CDR Jah Won't Pay The Bills - Low Gen Cassette A Very Rare Video

Jeff J. Anderson 2201 Alta Vista Drive Vista, CA 92084 This guy screwed me out of - Robbin' The Hood (1st Printing - Skunk) Fox Theatre Show CDRs

She traded under all of these names Lori "Komplex" 18148 Welby Way Reseda, CA (818) 881-1744 She screwed me out of - Bradley Nowell Acoustic Original CD KROQ Interview w/ No Doubt, Troy, Jake, Eric, and Bud Hong Kong Phooey Single New York (audio) Kommotion (audio) The Palace 10.21.95 (video)

If any of you 3 decide to send, you will be removed from this list.

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