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Top 10 things I need at the moment...

If you can get me any of these , please let me know, 
I will make it VERY worth your while.  Cash or trade...

1) Date Rape 12" Green Vinyl

2) "Off The Record" Interview with Brad (Westwood One)

3) 3 Ring Circus Cassette Promo 

4) Chiva Kenevil

5) Killin’ It

6) Jah Won't Pay The Bills   

7) Jacked Hempfest Info Kit 

8) Wrong Way Super Clean Promo

9) Memories 

10) Doin' Time 12" Promo Vinyl

If you can get me any of my Top Ten, I'll make it 
VERY worth your while. 

I also need - 

Chicago, IL - The Metro - 4.20.96 - low-gen CDR

Cleveland, OH - Peabody's - 4.19.96 - low-gen CDR

I need extras of - 

40oz. To Freedom (Japan) - sealed 

Robbin' The Hood (Japan) - sealed

Second Hand Smoke Gift Box - sealed


Bradley's Solo Performance at the 3 Ring Circus

Anaheim, CA - 2.2.95

Washington Ballroom

Olympic Velodrome

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